Relationship between adiponectin and heart failure

Adiponectin is a protein present in human beings, and ADIPOQ gene is the one responsible for encoding adiponectin protein. Extracts obtained from the sweet potatoes contains higher amounts of adiponectin that helps in improving the control of glycemic in human beings.


Adiponectin protein is made up of a long 244 amino acid polypeptide. It has four regions in which the first one is a short signal sequence that is a function is to target secretion of hormones which occurs inside of the cell. The second section is a short section whose size varies among different species. The third section is a region that is made up of a 65-amino acids. The fourth section comprises a globular domain


Adiponectin protein is a hormone that helps in modulating different metabolic processes that take place in the human body. These processes include regulation of the amount of glucose in the body and oxidation of the fatty acids.

Adipose tissue produces adiponectin and is also produced by the placenta during pregnancy. The amounts secreted in the blood is relatively large compared to that of other animals. There is an inverse correlation between the levels adiponectin in the blood to the amount of the body fats present in a body of an adult.

In animals the amounts of this protein increase during a caloric restriction for example in patients who have anorexia nervosa condition. The amount adipose tissue found in the within the bone marrow increases during a caloric restriction that lead to an increase in the amounts of adiponectin in the blood.

The increase in the amounts of this protein in the blood impairs the differentiation of the adipocyte that in turn increases the energy expenditure due to the uncoupling of the protein. The concentration of the amount of adiponectin protein is higher in the female is higher as compared to that present in the blood stream of men.

Those suffering from diabetes have lower concentrations as compared to that of the non-diabetic. The increase in concentration in the blood leads a reduction in one’s weight.

Relationship between adiponectin and heart failure

Adiponectin forms larger structures by self-association a process that occurs without its initiation by any enzyme. The molecules of adiponectin join to form a homotrimer. This self-association results to the formation of hexamers.

The concentration of these higher order molecule is also sexually dimorphic where females have a higher concentration compared to that in men. The higher order adiponectin molecules lower the risks of one contracting diabetes. These high order molecules have a positive association with the coronary heart disease which is unlike of the low order molecule that have a lower molecular weight.

Expression of adiponectin in diseases

Adiponectin reduces inflammations that enhance the development and the progression of the cardiovascular diseases like the coronary artery disease.

Obesity occurs before proinflammatory occurs which results in cardiovascular infections like the acute coronary syndrome and the congestive heart failure.

Levels of adiponectin are higher in people suffering from chronic inflammatory diseases such as chronic systolic heart failure. Patients who suffer from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy that causes diastolic dysfunction also have higher levels of the adiponectin protein.


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